Time4Learning Reviews

Just want to get to the Time4Learning Reviews? Click here. Time 4 Learning is a PreK-12 online curriculum that covers math, language arts, science, and social studies.  It includes thousands of fun activities, interactive lessons, printable worksheets, assessments and more!  This curriculum can be used in your homeschool, for afterschool tutoring, or for summer study.  […]

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Switched On Schoolhouse Reviews

Just want to get to the Switched On Schoolhouse Reviews? Click here. Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS) is a part of Alpha Omega Products and is a completely computer-based curriculum for grades 3 -12.  SOS uses different types of media to engage your child and challenge them in the understanding of difficult concepts.  This method allows

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Ambleside Online Reviews

Just want to get to the Ambleside Online Reviews? Click here. Ambleside Online was created by homeschool moms to help other families work through what a Charlotte Mason education looked like.  Ambleside Online has worked to create a curriculum in order to give you the option of teaching what Charlotte Mason believed comprised a classical

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Oak Meadow Reviews

Just want to get to the Oak Meadow Reviews? Click here. Oak Meadow is a secular curriculum designed for Grades K-12 which is based around many of the ideals of a Waldorf education.  Print and Digital options are available for purchase.  Each grade includes all subjects needed, although high school is separated into courses rather

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WinterPromise Reviews

Just want to get to the WinterPromise Reviews? Click here. WinterPromise is a curriculum designed for grades K-8 (with a few courses for grades 9-12).  The curriculum is Christian-based and Charlotte-mason style with an emphasis on notebooking and literature.  Because the courses are created for a range of grades and ages, Winter Promise is a

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Wildwood Curriculum Reviews

Just want to get to the Wildwood Curriculum Reviews? Click here. Wildwood curriculum was designed specifically for the secular homeschooler.  Created following Charlotte Mason’s principles, the website lists each grade as a Form and lists the materials necessary for its use.  Parents can choose to use the recommended lists or pick from the list of

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Weaver Reviews

Just want to get to the Weaver Reviews? Click here. The Weaver Curriculum is a Pre-K through 12 curriculum that revolves around a Bible lesson instead of fitting a Bible lesson into the day’s work.  Lessons are unit study based where students across multiple ages are learning the same thing but with grade-appropriate assignments.  The

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Torchlight Reviews

Just want to get to the Torchlight Reviews? Click here. Torchlight is a secular curriculum for grades Pre-K to grade 5 (Level 5 says it will work for ages 10-14).  The curriculum takes a humanistic approach to learning and focuses on a specific learning outcome for each level using the Socratic method (in depth reasoning). 

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Timberdoodle Reviews

Just want to get to the Timberdoodle Reviews? Click here. Timberdoodle is a company dedicated to helping get the best homeschool products in your hands for the best price.  The owners, Dan and Deb, started Timberdoodle after realizing that there was a need for homeschool resources and supplies.  They started by bulk homeschool products and

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The Good & The Beautiful Reviews

Just want to get to The Good & The Beautiful Reviews? Click here. The Good and the Beautiful is a curriculum designed specifically for homeschooling families.  It is open and go, requiring no prep work for the parent.  History, Science, and Electives are also written so that all age groups can work together on them

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