Around the World in 180 Days Reviews

Just want to get to the Around The World In 180 Days Reviews? Click here. **info here** CURRICULUM FEATURES Print Format Student Workbook MultiLevel Grades K – 12 Includes Activities, Prayer, and History Faith Based COST: $XXX DEPENDING ON OPTIONS QUICK START GUIDE ORDER NOW SAMPLE PAGES Want to check out other geography curriculum options? […]

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Let’s Go Geography Reviews

Just want to get to the Let’s Go Geography Reviews? Click here. Let’s Go Geography is a three-year, hands-on program that focuses on introducing your children to the world. Each year features 32 countries which you can download and use. It can be used for students in K – 6 all together, however it’s recommended

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A Child’s Geography Reviews

Just want to get to A Child’s Geography Reviews? Click here. In “A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth”, Ann Voskamp takes your student on a journey that will not only engage their minds, but open them to other people, cultures, and ways to show God’s love to the world.  This curriculum is Bible-based with sections

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Cooking Through Geography Reviews

Just want to get to the Cooking Through Geography Reviews? Click here. Taste your way across the continents with this Cooking Through Geography curriculum.  Designed for students of all ages, this short text curriculum brings parents and students together in the kitchen.  Many cultures are focused around food and the table and this program can

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Expedition Earth Reviews

Just want to get to the Expedition Earth Reviews? Click here. Take your students on a trip around the world with this engaging, geography curriculum.  Expedition Earth is for grades 5-12 and can be completed for high school credit.  This curriculum covers 195 countries and includes mapwork, flashcard games, and more.  Students should be able

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Galloping The Globe Reviews

Just want to get to the Galloping The Globe Reviews? Click here. Galloping the Globe is a Geography homeschool curriculum for grades k – 4rth.  It can be completed in one year or used for up to three years as your elementary geography.  This curriculum is literature-based and can be purchased in a bundle set

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North Star Geography Reviews

Just want to get to the North Star Geography Reviews? Click here. Written from a Christian perspective, this Geography curriculum offers a fresh look on our world and encourages students to discover more about the places and cultures that it contains. This curriculum encourages student development in three areas: Geography skills (map reading and navigation

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