Compass Classroom Reviews

Just want to get to the Compass Classroom Reviews? Click here. Compass Classroom is a collection of video lessons for Upper Elementary to Highschool. These videos were created to help parents teach their students the subjects that may be harder to teach than others.  Compass Classroom has looked for the best teachers to teach the […]

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Woke Homeschooling Reviews

Just want to get to the Woke Homeschooling Reviews? Click here. Woke Homeschooling is a history curriculum that changes the lens of how we study American history. Typically history is told from the perspective of colonialism. Woke Homeschooling invites us to consider the experiences of African-American, Indigenous, and immigrant voices through stories and discussions, tackling

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The World’s Story Reviews

Just want to get to the World’s Story Reviews? Click here. The World’s Story from Masterbooks is a world history, Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum for grades 6-8.  Spanning three years, this series covers World History from The Ancients to the Modern Age from a Biblical perspective. Each year contains a full-colour textbook that contains beautiful photographs,

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Story of the World Reviews

Just want to get to the Story of the World Reviews? Click here. This curriculum by Susan Wise Bauer (from the Well-Trained Mind) is told in an engaging, story format to make it interesting for children of all ages.  It is designed to be read aloud by the parent in the elementary grades, while older

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Notgrass History Reviews

Just want to get to the Notgrass History Reviews? Click here. Notgrass history is a homeschool company that focuses on history from a Christian worldview.  There are options for all grade levels.  For students in grades one through four, studies focus on American history with the one-year program, Our Star-Spangled Story. Within the pages of

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Mystery of History Reviews

Just want to get to the Mystery of History Reviews? Click here. The Mystery of History is a complete history curriculum with a Christian base.  Volumes 1 and 2 are geared more towards Kindergarten to Grade 8 and Volumes 3 and 4 are more on a reading level of Grades 9 and 10.  The lessons,

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History Revealed Reviews

Just want to get to the History Revealed Reviews? Click here. History Revealed is a unique approach to history through unit studies and storytelling.  This history curriculum follows a chronological path through three volumes, which you cycle through during your school years: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries World Empires, World Missions,

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History Quest Reviews

Just want to get to the History Quest Reviews? Click here. History Quest is Pandia Press’ elementary program. It uses the combination of storytelling and hands-on activities to make history alive for your children.  At the time of this post (2022), there are two books in the series, with a third one in progress.  Book

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History Odyssey Reviews

Just want to get to the History Odyssey Reviews? Click here. History Odyssey takes a story approach to learning history, integrating classical literature with fun activities in a study guide format.  This curriculum is designed in two levels that span grades 6-12.  (Their elementary program is History Quest.) Level Two (which is the first level

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Heritage History Reviews

Just want to get to the Heritage History Reviews? Click here. Heritage History is a study of history through stories.  The desire behind this program was to bring old-fashioned story-telling back into popular use.  The program relies on books that are in the public domain and maps and study guides that are no longer copy-righted.

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