Editor in Chief Reviews

Just want to get to the Editor in Chief Reviews? Click here. Editor in Chief from Critical Thinking Co is for grades 2-12.  With the 5 levels, students will learn grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and critical reading skills.  The program uses a standards-based approach that focuses on critical thinking.  The Beginner levels to Level 2, […]

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Sequential Spelling Reviews

Just want to get to the Sequential Spelling Reviews? Click here. Sequential Spelling is based on the idea that there is not one way to teach children how to spell.  The method follows Orton-Gillingham approach of multisensory instruction and aligns with the goals and methods of Structured Literacy.  7 levels follow the same grade but

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Growing With Grammar Reviews

Just want to get to the Growing With Grammar Reviews? Click here. Growing with Grammar is a curriculum designed for grades 1-8.  This is an intensive grammar program for the elementary grades.  This curriculum was designed with the spiral binding at the top to accommodate both left and right handed learners.  Level 1 and 2

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Logic of English Reviews

Just want to get to the Logic of English Reviews? Click here. The Logic of English is a curriculum that explains the logical patterns behind 98% of the English language, making it easy for everyone to learn to read and spell well.  The curriculum is designed for all ages from 4 to Adult.  The program

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Michael Clay Thompson Reviews

Just want to get to the Michael Clay Thompson Reviews? Click here. The MCT curriculum is for Grades 1-10 and was designed to prepare students for college.  It is demanding academically but can and has been used by gifted and regular classrooms and homeschools.  Michael Clay Thompson teaches Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Poetry, and Literature through

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Winston Grammar Reviews

Just want to get to the Winston Grammar Reviews? Click here. Winston Grammar is a grammar program designed for Grades 4-12.  It utilises a multisensory approach having students use flashcards to identify parts of speech in a sentence. Students then progress to marking sentences in a workbook with symbols that correspond to the flashcards.  This

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Grammar Galaxy Reviews

Just want to get to the Grammar Galaxy Reviews? Click here. Grammar Galaxy was written by a former clinical psychologist and college instructor who left her practice to homeschool her six kids.  Grammar Galaxy begins a story about the King of Grammar Galaxy and his three children who become guardians of planet English.  From this

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Easy Grammar Reviews

Just want to get to the Easy Grammar Reviews? Click here. Easy Grammar was written by Dr. Wanda Phillips for Grades 1 – 12.  Her goal was to produce an English course that would be fun and engaging while providing mastery of grammar concepts to students. There are three sets of books: Easy Grammar, Daily

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Daily Grammar Reviews

Just want to get to the Daily Grammar Reviews? Click here. Daily Grammar is a fun, free, engaging way to teach your students grammar.  By simplifying grammar subjects, students are able to easily understand complex subjects that are often difficult to grasp.  This is a great teaching tool for any student from public to homeschool,

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