Story Quest Academy Reviews

Just want to get to the Story Quest Academy Reviews? Click here. Created by a homeschool graduate, Story Quest Academy aims to making writing fun and engaging. There are two courses available – first, Adventure Quest, and second, Mystery Quest.  Each course appeals to the five different learning styles Auditory, Verbal, Visual, Logical, and Kinesthetic as […]

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Wordsmith Reviews

Just want to get to the Wordsmith Reviews? Click here. The Wordsmith program is available for grades 4-12.  Wordsmith is not a complete language arts curriculum but is a good companion to Learning Language Arts Through Literature.   Wordsmith Apprentice is for grades 4-6.  It teaches students how to apply grammar principles to actual writing.  This

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Writing Strands Reviews

Just want to get to the Writing Strands Reviews? Click here. Writing Strands is for students in Grade 5 to 10.  The program is more based on skills than grade level so use of the placement test is encouraged to ensure your student is at the level they need.  The program uses Bible-based literature study

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Byline Reviews

Just want to get to the ByLine Reviews? Click here. Byline is a writing curriculum designed for Grades 9-12.  This program takes students on a quest to find forgotten stories in history.  This program offers a full high school English credit and with a little extra work can also be listed as a half credit

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Cover Story Reviews

Just want to get to the Cover Story Reviews? Click here. Cover Story is a Language Arts curriculum designed for Grades 6-9.  There is no parent prep required with this program as all classes are taught through video.  This program teaches writing, literature, critical thinking skills, and story techniques and structure.  Grammar is included but

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One Year Adventure Novel Reviews

Just want to get to the One Year Adventure Novel Reviews? Click here. The One Year Novel curriculum is designed for Grades 9-12.  This program takes students through all the steps needed to create their own adventure novel with 78 video lessons from Daniel Schwabauer.  Every student enrolled and licensed in the program may join

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Winning With Writing Reviews

Just want to get to the Winning With Writing Reviews? Click here. Winning with Writing is a curriculum designed for grades 1-8.  Lessons are run 5 days a week and space is provided right in the workbook for the student to write in. Levels 1 and 2 have the full 36 weeks in one notebook. 

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Michael Clay Thompson Reviews

Just want to get to the Michael Clay Thompson Reviews? Click here. The MCT curriculum is for Grades 1-10 and was designed to prepare students for college.  It is demanding academically but can and has been used by gifted and regular classrooms and homeschools.  Michael Clay Thompson teaches Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Poetry, and Literature through

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NightZookeeper Reviews

Just want to get to the NightZookeeper Reviews? Click here. Night Zookeeper is an online program for ages 6-12 designed to make learning how to write fun and engaging.  Students will learn thousands of new words through the exciting vocabulary games and develop grammar skills through sentence building games and short writing challenges. Students will

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Brave Writer Reviews

Just want to get to the Brave Writer Reviews? Click here. Brave Writer is a writing curriculum that focuses on the writer instead of the writing.  Teaching from a writer’s viewpoint, students are given the opportunity to understand how to play with words and establish a sense of pride in their own work.  Instead of

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