Miqon Math Reviews

Just want to get to the Miqon Math Reviews? Click here. This math program is intended for early learners – specifically grades 1 through 3. Children move at their own pace through the books – which are presented with color titles instead of grade levels.  Children use Cuisinaire Rods – a set of plastic or

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Horizons Math Reviews

Just want to get to the Horizons Math Reviews? Click here. Combining hands-on activities with full-color illustrated workbooks, Horizons Math covers grades K – 8. Each grade has two workbooks to complete.  Teacher guides offer daily lesson plans that list concept goals, supplies needed, teaching tips, activities you can do with your child to cement

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Shiller Math Reviews

Just want to get to the Shiller Math Reviews? Click here. Shiller Math is a Montessori-based curriculum.  Lessons include singing, dancing, and other Montessori-style activities using their provided manipulatives.  The kits with all the necessary items for learning can be used with multiple children.  Kit 1 does K through 3rd, Kit 2 does 4rth through

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A+ Interactive Math Reviews

Just want to get to the A+ Interactive Math Reviews? Click here. A+ Interactive Math offers a solution for parents who struggle with teaching math.  Students work at their pace with online learning to master math concepts. A+ Math can be used to help students improve in areas they struggle with or work ahead to

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Khan Academy Math Reviews

Just want to get to the Khan Academy Math Reviews? Click here. Khan Academy started out as a series of math videos from Sal Khan to tutor his cousin. From there, things have grown to create an entire platform of free education for all.  Khan Academy offers personalized learning for each student, whether homeschooled or

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Life of Fred Reviews

Just want to get to the Life of Fred Reviews? Click Here. The Life of Fred math program is a story-based textbook that approaches learning through the experiences of a genius 5 year old named Fred. Fred just happens to a math teacher at a university, but is so tiny that he lives under his

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JUMP Math Reviews

Just want to get to the JUMP Math Reviews? Click Here. Created by a Canadian mathematician and run as a charity, JUMP math believes that everyone can do math. Breaking down concepts into step-by-step processes, this program refers to their approach as “structured inquiry.” Although designed for classroom use, it’s easy to use at home as well. This

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