Compass Classroom Reviews

Just want to get to the Compass Classroom Reviews? Click here. Compass Classroom is a collection of video lessons for Upper Elementary to Highschool. These videos were created to help parents teach their students the subjects that may be harder to teach than others.  Compass Classroom has looked for the best teachers to teach the […]

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Supercharged Science Reviews

Just want to get to the Supercharged Science Reviews? Click here. Supercharged Science creator Aurora Lipper was working for NASA at the age of 17 and teaching at Cal Poly State University by the age of 21.  Her passion for Science led her to volunteer at jr and sr high schools for many years.  Now,

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Singapore Science Reviews

Just want to get to the Singapore Science Reviews? Click here. Singapore’s My Pals Are Here Science curriculum is for grades 1-6 and follows the academic excellence of their Singapore Math curriculum.  Students are encouraged to understand deep scientific concepts while learning the necessary skills to process information in a fun and stimulating way. Each

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Science Unlocked Reviews

Just want to get to the Science Unlocked Reviews? Click here. Science Unlocked is a complete all-in-one science curriculum for grades K-12 designed specifically with homeschoolers in mind.  The curriculum is broken into three levels.  Wonder Level is for grades K-2 and contains 5 hours of learning per subject.  Accelerate Level is for grades 3-7

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REAL Science Odyssey Reviews

Just want to get to the REAL Science Odyssey Reviews? Click here. REAL Science Odyssey is a complete grades K-10 Science curriculum.   The grades are split between Level 1 courses and Level 2 courses.  Level 1 contains all the elementary grade levels and teaches Life Science, Astronomy, Earth and Environment, Physics, and Chemistry.  The

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Mystery Science Reviews

Just want to get to the Mystery Science Reviews? Click here. This video-based, “open and go” program uses real questions from real kids to get exploring with short 5-15 minute lessons followed by hands-on activities to help kids discover the answer to the question.  Intended for K through grade 5 classrooms, Mystery Science is also

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Middle School Chemistry Reviews

Just want to get to the Middle School Chemistry Reviews? Click here. INFO HERE CURRICULUM FEATURES Online Lesson Plans & Resources A Single Year Class Free Middle School (Grade 6-8 Range) Inquiry-Based Lessons Secular COST: FREE START NOW DOWNLOAD THE LESSONS Want to check out other science curriculum options? Start Here. Rules & Guidelines for

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The Lab of Mr. Q. Reviews

Just want to get to the Lab of Mr. Q Reviews? Click here. Scott McQuerry has been working with homeschoolers for over 11 years, teaching science classes in his community.  As a public school Science teacher he saw the need for more science options for homeschoolers and began creating content. With textbooks for grades 1-12,

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Journey Homeschool Academy Reviews

Just want to get to the Journey Homeschool Academy Reviews? Click here. Journey Homeschool Academy is a video-based, all-in-one Science curriculum.  This distinctly Christian curriculum offers parents a way to teach science to their students without feeling like they need a degree.   With engaging video lessons and downloadable workbooks, this curriculum is sure to

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Guest Hollow Science Reviews

Just want to get to the Guest Hollow Reviews? Click here. INFORMATION HERE CURRICULUM FEATURES Online / Digital Schedule and Workbook Literature Based – Must Buy or Source Books Separately Variety of Activities / Demos / Projects Grades K – 12 A combination of Charlotte Mason / Unit Study Approaches Faith-Based COST: FREE TO $35

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