General Science

Singapore Science Reviews

Just want to get to the Singapore Science Reviews? Click here. Singapore’s My Pals Are Here Science curriculum is for grades 1-6 and follows the academic excellence of their Singapore Math curriculum.  Students are encouraged to understand deep scientific concepts while learning the necessary skills to process information in a fun and stimulating way. Each […]

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Mystery Science Reviews

Just want to get to the Mystery Science Reviews? Click here. This video-based, “open and go” program uses real questions from real kids to get exploring with short 5-15 minute lessons followed by hands-on activities to help kids discover the answer to the question.  Intended for K through grade 5 classrooms, Mystery Science is also

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Great Science Adventures Reviews

Just want to get to the Great Science Adventures Reviews? Click here. The Great Science Adventure was created by Dinah Zike. It incorporates hands on learning to reinforce the lessons being taught.  Each of the 10 studies is presented in an e-book format that parents can use to print the materials they need.  Each “study”

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God’s Design Series Reviews

Just want to get to the God’s Design Series Reviews? Click here. God’s Design for Life is a curriculum designed for grades K – 8.  This Bible-based Science curriculum will take your kids through Biology and Earth Sciences twice (Beginners – K-2 and 3rd-8th grades) and then Chemistry and Ecology and the Physical World once

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Generation Genius Reviews

Just want to get to the Generation Genius Reviews? Click here. Generation Genius is an online Science program for kids featuring the famous Dancing Scientist, Dr. Jeff Vinokur.  These engaging lessons are created for grades K-8 and can be accessed by home schools and classrooms alike.  Video lessons include discussion materials, vocabulary words, reading material,

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Exploration Education Reviews

Just want to get to the Exploration Education Reviews? Click here. Exploration Education takes your student on an educational journey exploring the physical science.  Each kit comes with everything your student needs for a complete year.  There are three separate kits that are graded for Elementary (grades 1-3), Standard (grades 4-6), and Advanced (grades 7-10). 

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Berean Builders Reviews

Just want to get to the Berean Builders Reviews? Click here. Berean Builders offers Christian families a way to walk through history with science. Elementary students start at the beginning of time, learning about Creation. The lessons cover an introduction to topics like light, botany, zoology, and space. Then you move on through time, from

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The 101 Series Reviews

Just want to get to The 101 Series Reviews? Click here. The 101 Series is a video course for high schoolers that brings science to life through engaging visual presentations with a Christian perspective. Available as both DVD sets or an online course, current subjects include:  General Math Biology Chemistry Physics Although designed and intented

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