Second Languages

Duolingo Reviews

Just want to get to the Duolingo Reviews? Click here. The mission of the Duolingo creators was to produce a program that both made learning fun and also available to all.  Duolingo is free for individuals and schools.  It includes a personalised learning path for each student.  The bite-size lessons feel more like a game […]

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Rosetta Stone Reviews

Just want to get to the Rosetta Stone Reviews? Click here. Rosetta Stone is a household name in learning languages.  With over 25 years of language lessons and 25 languages you can learn, Rosetta Stone immerses you in the language.  Get instant feedback on pronunciation, listen to audio files from natives speakers and more with

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Mission Monde Reviews

Just want to get to the Mission Monde Reviews? Click here. My Father’s Business Publications (the company who created Mission Monde) began as a curriculum for grades K – 8 and now encompasses grades 9 and 10 as well.  The program consists of a complete Christian French program that meets the requirements for French as

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The ULAT Reviews

Just want to get to the ULAT Reviews? Click here. The ULAT (Universal Language Acquisition Tool) is an online program that drops beginning learners right into either French or Spanish with videos and text format.  The program uses a combination of lessons to encourage a variety of learning activities such as watch, listen, repeat, speak,

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Compass Classroom Reviews

Just want to get to the Compass Classroom Reviews? Click here. Compass Classroom is a collection of video lessons for Upper Elementary to Highschool. These videos were created to help parents teach their students the subjects that may be harder to teach than others.  Compass Classroom has looked for the best teachers to teach the

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