The Arts

SQUILT Music Reviews

Just want to get to the SQUILT Music Reviews? Click here. SQUILT stands for Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time – a program that gives you all the tools you need for music appreciation with your elementary and middle school students.  There are two options – a self-guided set of lessons or a live version where […]

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Masterpiece Society Reviews

Just want to get to the Masterpiece Society Reviews? Click here. Masterpiece Society offers visual art classes for children from kindergarten to high school.  The early years focus on art for fun – through themed topics such as animals and space. Then there’s a dive into seasonal art for elementary students. Middle schoolers focus on

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Compass Classroom Reviews

Just want to get to the Compass Classroom Reviews? Click here. Compass Classroom is a collection of video lessons for Upper Elementary to Highschool. These videos were created to help parents teach their students the subjects that may be harder to teach than others.  Compass Classroom has looked for the best teachers to teach the

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