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Editor in Chief Reviews

Just want to get to the Editor in Chief Reviews? Click here.Editor in Chief from Critical Thinking Co is for grades 2-12.  With the 5 levels, students will learn grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and critical reading skills.  The program uses a standards-based approach that focuses on critical thinking.  The Beginner levels to Level 2, include …

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Story Quest Academy Reviews

Just want to get to the Story Quest Academy Reviews? Click here. Created by a homeschool graduate, Story Quest Academy aims to making writing fun and engaging. There are two courses available – first, Adventure Quest, and second, Mystery Quest.  Each course appeals to the five different learning styles Auditory, Verbal, Visual, Logical, and Kinesthetic as …

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Duolingo Reviews

Just want to get to the Duolingo Reviews? Click here. The mission of the Duolingo creators was to produce a program that both made learning fun and also available to all.  Duolingo is free for individuals and schools.  It includes a personalised learning path for each student.  The bite-size lessons feel more like a game …

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Rosetta Stone Reviews

Just want to get to the Rosetta Stone Reviews? Click here. Rosetta Stone is a household name in learning languages.  With over 25 years of language lessons and 25 languages you can learn, Rosetta Stone immerses you in the language.  Get instant feedback on pronunciation, listen to audio files from natives speakers and more with …

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Mission Monde Reviews

Just want to get to the Mission Monde Reviews? Click here. My Father’s Business Publications (the company who created Mission Monde) began as a curriculum for grades K – 8 and now encompasses grades 9 and 10 as well.  The program consists of a complete Christian French program that meets the requirements for French as …

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Spelling You See Reviews

Just want to get to the Spelling You See Reviews? Click here. Spelling You See is a skills-based program backed with research that approaches spelling in a unique way through letter patterns and short, daily lessons.  This program is not based on grade level but on skill.  Parents should use the included placement test to …

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Literary Adventures for Kids Reviews

Just want to get to the Literary Adventures for Kids Reviews? Click here. The Literary Adventure Clubhouse and The Society for Literary Adventurers are book club style curricula for Elementary to High School.  The program is almost entirely online with the exception of some assignments and the book itself.  The Literary Adventure Clubhouse is for …

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Wordsmith Reviews

Just want to get to the Wordsmith Reviews? Click here. The Wordsmith program is available for grades 4-12.  Wordsmith is not a complete language arts curriculum but is a good companion to Learning Language Arts Through Literature.   Wordsmith Apprentice is for grades 4-6.  It teaches students how to apply grammar principles to actual writing.  This …

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Writing Strands Reviews

Just want to get to the Writing Strands Reviews? Click here. Writing Strands is for students in Grade 5 to 10.  The program is more based on skills than grade level so use of the placement test is encouraged to ensure your student is at the level they need.  The program uses Bible-based literature study …

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Sequential Spelling Reviews

Just want to get to the Sequential Spelling Reviews? Click here. Sequential Spelling is based on the idea that there is not one way to teach children how to spell.  The method follows Orton-Gillingham approach of multisensory instruction and aligns with the goals and methods of Structured Literacy.  7 levels follow the same grade but …

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