Charlotte Mason

Campfire Curriculums Reviews

Just want to get to the Campfire Curriculums Reviews? Click here. Campfire Curriculums offers unit studies to do as a whole family – diving into topics such as careers. holidays, history, and even skills like gardening and emergency preparedness.  Using a Charlotte Mason and a hands-on approach, this program has no worksheets and encourages parents […]

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Brave Writer Reviews

Just want to get to the Brave Writer Reviews? Click here. Brave Writer is a writing curriculum that focuses on the writer instead of the writing.  Teaching from a writer’s viewpoint, students are given the opportunity to understand how to play with words and establish a sense of pride in their own work.  Instead of

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Ambleside Online Reviews

Just want to get to the Ambleside Online Reviews? Click here. Ambleside Online was created by homeschool moms to help other families work through what a Charlotte Mason education looked like.  Ambleside Online has worked to create a curriculum in order to give you the option of teaching what Charlotte Mason believed comprised a classical

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WinterPromise Reviews

Just want to get to the WinterPromise Reviews? Click here. WinterPromise is a curriculum designed for grades K-8 (with a few courses for grades 9-12).  The curriculum is Christian-based and Charlotte-mason style with an emphasis on notebooking and literature.  Because the courses are created for a range of grades and ages, Winter Promise is a

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Wildwood Curriculum Reviews

Just want to get to the Wildwood Curriculum Reviews? Click here. Wildwood curriculum was designed specifically for the secular homeschooler.  Created following Charlotte Mason’s principles, the website lists each grade as a Form and lists the materials necessary for its use.  Parents can choose to use the recommended lists or pick from the list of

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Tapestry of Grace Reviews

Just want to get to the Tapestry of Grace Reviews? Click here. Tapestry of Grace is a curriculum designed for families with multiple grades.  It is Bible-based and includes key elements of both the Classical and Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.  Tapestry uses good literature to teach from a Biblical perspective.  The full program weaves

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Simply Charlotte Mason Reviews

Just want to get to the Simply Charlotte Mason Reviews? Click here. Simply Charlotte Mason is a Christian curriculum for grades K – 12.  This curriculum is great for families with multiple ages as students can study some subjects together and then have time for individual studies.  Parents start by choosing an historical time period

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Five in a Row Reviews

Just want to get to theFive in a Row Reviews? Click here. Five In A Row (also called FIAR) is a literature-based curriculum for Pre-K through Grade 6.  This program includes Social Studies, Language, Art, Applied Math and Science through the use of living books and good literature.  FIAR offers everything parents need to make

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Come Sit By Me Reviews

Just want to get to the Come Sit By Me Reviews? Click here. Come Sit By Me is a Canadian literature-based, 36-week curriculum for younger children. It includes multiple subjects such as Science, Math, Geography, Canada, and Art.  If you add a complete Math curriculum and a Phonics program, you can round out the year

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