Michael Clay Thompson Reviews

Just want to get to the Michael Clay Thompson Reviews? Click here. The MCT curriculum is for Grades 1-10 and was designed to prepare students for college.  It is demanding academically but can and has been used by gifted and regular classrooms and homeschools.  Michael Clay Thompson teaches Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Poetry, and Literature through […]

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WinterPromise Reviews

Just want to get to the WinterPromise Reviews? Click here. WinterPromise is a curriculum designed for grades K-8 (with a few courses for grades 9-12).  The curriculum is Christian-based and Charlotte-mason style with an emphasis on notebooking and literature.  Because the courses are created for a range of grades and ages, Winter Promise is a

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Tapestry of Grace Reviews

Just want to get to the Tapestry of Grace Reviews? Click here. Tapestry of Grace is a curriculum designed for families with multiple grades.  It is Bible-based and includes key elements of both the Classical and Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.  Tapestry uses good literature to teach from a Biblical perspective.  The full program weaves

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Memoria Press Reviews

Just want to get to the Memoria Press Reviews? Click here. Memoria Press brings a classical education to your children through the study of Latin and classical literature.  Memoria Press includes plans for Preschool through Grade 12.  Purchase grade kits or just the courses you want.  Christian in nature, this program focuses on Bible literacy

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Story of the World Reviews

Just want to get to the Story of the World Reviews? Click here. This curriculum by Susan Wise Bauer (from the Well-Trained Mind) is told in an engaging, story format to make it interesting for children of all ages.  It is designed to be read aloud by the parent in the elementary grades, while older

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Heritage History Reviews

Just want to get to the Heritage History Reviews? Click here. Heritage History is a study of history through stories.  The desire behind this program was to bring old-fashioned story-telling back into popular use.  The program relies on books that are in the public domain and maps and study guides that are no longer copy-righted.

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