Editor in Chief Reviews

Just want to get to the Editor in Chief Reviews? Click here. Editor in Chief from Critical Thinking Co is for grades 2-12.  With the 5 levels, students will learn grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and critical reading skills.  The program uses a standards-based approach that focuses on critical thinking.  The Beginner levels to Level 2, […]

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Mission Monde Reviews

Just want to get to the Mission Monde Reviews? Click here. My Father’s Business Publications (the company who created Mission Monde) began as a curriculum for grades K – 8 and now encompasses grades 9 and 10 as well.  The program consists of a complete Christian French program that meets the requirements for French as

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Wordsmith Reviews

Just want to get to the Wordsmith Reviews? Click here. The Wordsmith program is available for grades 4-12.  Wordsmith is not a complete language arts curriculum but is a good companion to Learning Language Arts Through Literature.   Wordsmith Apprentice is for grades 4-6.  It teaches students how to apply grammar principles to actual writing.  This

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Writing Strands Reviews

Just want to get to the Writing Strands Reviews? Click here. Writing Strands is for students in Grade 5 to 10.  The program is more based on skills than grade level so use of the placement test is encouraged to ensure your student is at the level they need.  The program uses Bible-based literature study

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Campfire Curriculums Reviews

Just want to get to the Campfire Curriculums Reviews? Click here. Campfire Curriculums offers unit studies to do as a whole family – diving into topics such as careers. holidays, history, and even skills like gardening and emergency preparedness.  Using a Charlotte Mason and a hands-on approach, this program has no worksheets and encourages parents

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Just want to get to the Reviews? Click here. offers a collection of unit studies for students of all ages. Topics covered includ everything from history to geography, science to holidays, sports, faith, and even creative arts.  Studies typically are planned to take between 1 – 4 weeks, although there are some programs Reviews Read More »

The Talk Reviews

Just want to get to The Talk Reviews? Click here. The Talk is a 3-part, Scripture based sexual education program that takes the direct and factual approach to teaching kids about bodies and sex.  The Talk is book one – aimed for kids ages 6 – 10 years old. In this book, students learn about

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Total Language Plus Reviews

Just want to get to the Total Language Plus Reviews? Click here. Total Language Plus is a complete literature-based language program for grades 3-12.  The program includes activities based on comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.  Options for enrichment ideas include field trips and hands-on activities.  Review is consistent throughout the levels allowing for mastery not

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Progeny Press Reviews

Just want to get to the Progeny Press Reviews? Click here. Progeny Press is an award-winning literature curriculum for grades K-12.   Available in either print or as a pdf download, study guides were created based on quality literature, many of which are award winners.  The Study Guides include background information on the novel, literary

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Logic of English Reviews

Just want to get to the Logic of English Reviews? Click here. The Logic of English is a curriculum that explains the logical patterns behind 98% of the English language, making it easy for everyone to learn to read and spell well.  The curriculum is designed for all ages from 4 to Adult.  The program

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