Duolingo Reviews

Just want to get to the Duolingo Reviews? Click here. The mission of the Duolingo creators was to produce a program that both made learning fun and also available to all.  Duolingo is free for individuals and schools.  It includes a personalised learning path for each student.  The bite-size lessons feel more like a game […]

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Daily Grammar Reviews

Just want to get to the Daily Grammar Reviews? Click here. Daily Grammar is a fun, free, engaging way to teach your students grammar.  By simplifying grammar subjects, students are able to easily understand complex subjects that are often difficult to grasp.  This is a great teaching tool for any student from public to homeschool,

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Ambleside Online Reviews

Just want to get to the Ambleside Online Reviews? Click here. Ambleside Online was created by homeschool moms to help other families work through what a Charlotte Mason education looked like.  Ambleside Online has worked to create a curriculum in order to give you the option of teaching what Charlotte Mason believed comprised a classical

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Wildwood Curriculum Reviews

Just want to get to the Wildwood Curriculum Reviews? Click here. Wildwood curriculum was designed specifically for the secular homeschooler.  Created following Charlotte Mason’s principles, the website lists each grade as a Form and lists the materials necessary for its use.  Parents can choose to use the recommended lists or pick from the list of

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The Good & The Beautiful Reviews

Just want to get to The Good & The Beautiful Reviews? Click here. The Good and the Beautiful is a curriculum designed specifically for homeschooling families.  It is open and go, requiring no prep work for the parent.  History, Science, and Electives are also written so that all age groups can work together on them

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Middle School Chemistry Reviews

Just want to get to the Middle School Chemistry Reviews? Click here. INFO HERE CURRICULUM FEATURES Online Lesson Plans & Resources A Single Year Class Free Middle School (Grade 6-8 Range) Inquiry-Based Lessons Secular COST: FREE START NOW DOWNLOAD THE LESSONS Want to check out other science curriculum options? Start Here. Rules & Guidelines for

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Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Reviews

Just want to get to the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Reviews? Click here. Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool is a complete curriculum for K-12.  (See for grades 9-12).  The curriculum is a compilation of online learning resources by homeschool mom, Lee Giles.  Lessons are online, completely free, and cover all subjects from Math, Language Arts,

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Khan Academy Math Reviews

Just want to get to the Khan Academy Math Reviews? Click here. Khan Academy started out as a series of math videos from Sal Khan to tutor his cousin. From there, things have grown to create an entire platform of free education for all.  Khan Academy offers personalized learning for each student, whether homeschooled or

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