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Spelling You See Reviews

Just want to get to the Spelling You See Reviews? Click here. Spelling You See is a skills-based program backed with research that approaches spelling in a unique way through letter patterns and short, daily lessons.  This program is not based on grade level but on skill.  Parents should use the included placement test to […]

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Spelling Power Reviews

Just want to get to the Spelling Power Reviews? Click here. Spelling Power is for grades 2 – Adult.  This self-paced curriculum focuses on review of the phonetic principles and learning consistent spelling rules to help the student achieve great spelling.  Students will also learn dictionary skills and establish good proof-reading habits.  The program focuses

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Kids Cook Real Food Reviews

Just want to get to the Kids Cook Real Food Reviews? Click here. Kids Cook Real Food is an online course that helps bring important cooking skills to your kids. There are 3 levels to work through: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Beginner is just that – a starting point for young learners to develop skills

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All About Reading Reviews

Just want to get to the All About Reading Reviews? Click here. All About Reading is a comprehensive curriculum with four levels that relies on mastery of concepts not grade levels.  The program teaches phonics, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  This program uses the Orton-Gillingham approach which is a multisensory, sequential way of teaching literacy

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Logic of English Reviews

Just want to get to the Logic of English Reviews? Click here. The Logic of English is a curriculum that explains the logical patterns behind 98% of the English language, making it easy for everyone to learn to read and spell well.  The curriculum is designed for all ages from 4 to Adult.  The program

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Winston Grammar Reviews

Just want to get to the Winston Grammar Reviews? Click here. Winston Grammar is a grammar program designed for Grades 4-12.  It utilises a multisensory approach having students use flashcards to identify parts of speech in a sentence. Students then progress to marking sentences in a workbook with symbols that correspond to the flashcards.  This

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All About Spelling Reviews

Just want to get to the All About Spelling Reviews? Click here. All About Spelling is program which teaches encoding skill using multisensory strategies for lifelong spelling success. It is  scripted – telling you exactly what to say – and it’s an open and go programs that make teaching simple for parents. Using the Orton-Gillingham

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Around the World in 180 Days Reviews

Just want to get to the Around The World In 180 Days Reviews? Click here. **info here** CURRICULUM FEATURES Print Format Student Workbook MultiLevel Grades K – 12 Includes Activities, Prayer, and History Faith Based COST: $XXX DEPENDING ON OPTIONS QUICK START GUIDE ORDER NOW SAMPLE PAGES Want to check out other geography curriculum options?

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Let’s Go Geography Reviews

Just want to get to the Let’s Go Geography Reviews? Click here. Let’s Go Geography is a three-year, hands-on program that focuses on introducing your children to the world. Each year features 32 countries which you can download and use. It can be used for students in K – 6 all together, however it’s recommended

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Cooking Through Geography Reviews

Just want to get to the Cooking Through Geography Reviews? Click here. Taste your way across the continents with this Cooking Through Geography curriculum.  Designed for students of all ages, this short text curriculum brings parents and students together in the kitchen.  Many cultures are focused around food and the table and this program can

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