Campfire Curriculums Reviews

Just want to get to the Campfire Curriculums Reviews? Click here. Campfire Curriculums offers unit studies to do as a whole family – diving into topics such as careers. holidays, history, and even skills like gardening and emergency preparedness.  Using a Charlotte Mason and a hands-on approach, this program has no worksheets and encourages parents […]

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Around the World in 180 Days Reviews

Just want to get to the Around The World In 180 Days Reviews? Click here. **info here** CURRICULUM FEATURES Print Format Student Workbook MultiLevel Grades K – 12 Includes Activities, Prayer, and History Faith Based COST: $XXX DEPENDING ON OPTIONS QUICK START GUIDE ORDER NOW SAMPLE PAGES Want to check out other geography curriculum options?

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Let’s Go Geography Reviews

Just want to get to the Let’s Go Geography Reviews? Click here. Let’s Go Geography is a three-year, hands-on program that focuses on introducing your children to the world. Each year features 32 countries which you can download and use. It can be used for students in K – 6 all together, however it’s recommended

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WinterPromise Reviews

Just want to get to the WinterPromise Reviews? Click here. WinterPromise is a curriculum designed for grades K-8 (with a few courses for grades 9-12).  The curriculum is Christian-based and Charlotte-mason style with an emphasis on notebooking and literature.  Because the courses are created for a range of grades and ages, Winter Promise is a

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Weaver Reviews

Just want to get to the Weaver Reviews? Click here. The Weaver Curriculum is a Pre-K through 12 curriculum that revolves around a Bible lesson instead of fitting a Bible lesson into the day’s work.  Lessons are unit study based where students across multiple ages are learning the same thing but with grade-appropriate assignments.  The

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Tapestry of Grace Reviews

Just want to get to the Tapestry of Grace Reviews? Click here. Tapestry of Grace is a curriculum designed for families with multiple grades.  It is Bible-based and includes key elements of both the Classical and Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.  Tapestry uses good literature to teach from a Biblical perspective.  The full program weaves

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Gather Round Reviews

Just want to get to the Gather Round Reviews? Click here. Gather Round Homeschool is a curriculum that aims to combine every subject you need (other than math) into one easy to follow program that you can use with your whole family together. Divided into units, one teacher book is used for all students with

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A Gentle Feast Reviews

Just want to get to the A Gentle Feast Reviews? Click here. A Gentle Feast is a curriculum for grades 1-12 esigned to bring your family together using Charlotte Mason principles and grade-appropriate activities to teach your children.  This curriculum uses living books and Biblical truths to provide an education that is gentle for both

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Mystery of History Reviews

Just want to get to the Mystery of History Reviews? Click here. The Mystery of History is a complete history curriculum with a Christian base.  Volumes 1 and 2 are geared more towards Kindergarten to Grade 8 and Volumes 3 and 4 are more on a reading level of Grades 9 and 10.  The lessons,

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