Spelling Power Reviews

Just want to get to the Spelling Power Reviews? Click here. Spelling Power is for grades 2 – Adult.  This self-paced curriculum focuses on review of the phonetic principles and learning consistent spelling rules to help the student achieve great spelling.  Students will also learn dictionary skills and establish good proof-reading habits.  The program focuses […]

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Grammar Galaxy Reviews

Just want to get to the Grammar Galaxy Reviews? Click here. Grammar Galaxy was written by a former clinical psychologist and college instructor who left her practice to homeschool her six kids.  Grammar Galaxy begins a story about the King of Grammar Galaxy and his three children who become guardians of planet English.  From this

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Masterpiece Society Reviews

Just want to get to the Masterpiece Society Reviews? Click here. Masterpiece Society offers visual art classes for children from kindergarten to high school.  The early years focus on art for fun – through themed topics such as animals and space. Then there’s a dive into seasonal art for elementary students. Middle schoolers focus on

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Timberdoodle Reviews

Just want to get to the Timberdoodle Reviews? Click here. Timberdoodle is a company dedicated to helping get the best homeschool products in your hands for the best price.  The owners, Dan and Deb, started Timberdoodle after realizing that there was a need for homeschool resources and supplies.  They started by bulk homeschool products and

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Story of the World Reviews

Just want to get to the Story of the World Reviews? Click here. This curriculum by Susan Wise Bauer (from the Well-Trained Mind) is told in an engaging, story format to make it interesting for children of all ages.  It is designed to be read aloud by the parent in the elementary grades, while older

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Beautiful Feet Books Reviews

Just want to get to the Beautiful Feet Books Reviews? Click here. The mission of Beautiful Feet books is to inspire a love of history through living books.  The creator, Rea Berg, wanted to teach her children history without boring them with lifeless textbooks.  Parents can enjoy reading aloud award-winning books which will fuel discussion

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Supercharged Science Reviews

Just want to get to the Supercharged Science Reviews? Click here. Supercharged Science creator Aurora Lipper was working for NASA at the age of 17 and teaching at Cal Poly State University by the age of 21.  Her passion for Science led her to volunteer at jr and sr high schools for many years.  Now,

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Great Science Adventures Reviews

Just want to get to the Great Science Adventures Reviews? Click here. The Great Science Adventure was created by Dinah Zike. It incorporates hands on learning to reinforce the lessons being taught.  Each of the 10 studies is presented in an e-book format that parents can use to print the materials they need.  Each “study”

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Exploration Education Reviews

Just want to get to the Exploration Education Reviews? Click here. Exploration Education takes your student on an educational journey exploring the physical science.  Each kit comes with everything your student needs for a complete year.  There are three separate kits that are graded for Elementary (grades 1-3), Standard (grades 4-6), and Advanced (grades 7-10). 

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