Duolingo Reviews

Just want to get to the Duolingo Reviews? Click here. The mission of the Duolingo creators was to produce a program that both made learning fun and also available to all.  Duolingo is free for individuals and schools.  It includes a personalised learning path for each student.  The bite-size lessons feel more like a game […]

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Rosetta Stone Reviews

Just want to get to the Rosetta Stone Reviews? Click here. Rosetta Stone is a household name in learning languages.  With over 25 years of language lessons and 25 languages you can learn, Rosetta Stone immerses you in the language.  Get instant feedback on pronunciation, listen to audio files from natives speakers and more with

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Literary Adventures for Kids Reviews

Just want to get to the Literary Adventures for Kids Reviews? Click here. The Literary Adventure Clubhouse and The Society for Literary Adventurers are book club style curricula for Elementary to High School.  The program is almost entirely online with the exception of some assignments and the book itself.  The Literary Adventure Clubhouse is for

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Sequential Spelling Reviews

Just want to get to the Sequential Spelling Reviews? Click here. Sequential Spelling is based on the idea that there is not one way to teach children how to spell.  The method follows Orton-Gillingham approach of multisensory instruction and aligns with the goals and methods of Structured Literacy.  7 levels follow the same grade but

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Wordly Wise Reviews

Just want to get to the Wordly Wise 3000 Reviews? Click here. Wordly Wise uses research-based activities to engage students in grades K-12 in learning English.  The addition of online learning allows students to experience peer interaction.  Differentiated reading selections allows teachers to work with students who are not at grade level in order to

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Explode The Code Reviews

Just want to get to the Explode the Code Reviews? Click here. Explode the Code and Beyond the Code provide reading instruction for beginner and struggling readers from grades Pre-K to 4.  The program uses a multi-sensory approach with simple directions to help students learn to work independently.  In Explode the Code, students will practice

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Handwriting Without Tears Reviews

Just want to get to the Handwriting Without Tears Reviews? Click here. Handwriting Without Tears is designed for grades K through 5.  This unique program uses simple, easy to understand activities to help guide students through the correct formation of letters in both print and cursive.  Black and white pages allow students to personalise by

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Logic of English Reviews

Just want to get to the Logic of English Reviews? Click here. The Logic of English is a curriculum that explains the logical patterns behind 98% of the English language, making it easy for everyone to learn to read and spell well.  The curriculum is designed for all ages from 4 to Adult.  The program

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NightZookeeper Reviews

Just want to get to the NightZookeeper Reviews? Click here. Night Zookeeper is an online program for ages 6-12 designed to make learning how to write fun and engaging.  Students will learn thousands of new words through the exciting vocabulary games and develop grammar skills through sentence building games and short writing challenges. Students will

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Brave Writer Reviews

Just want to get to the Brave Writer Reviews? Click here. Brave Writer is a writing curriculum that focuses on the writer instead of the writing.  Teaching from a writer’s viewpoint, students are given the opportunity to understand how to play with words and establish a sense of pride in their own work.  Instead of

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