Five in a Row Reviews

Just want to get to theFive in a Row Reviews? Click here. Five In A Row (also called FIAR) is a literature-based curriculum for Pre-K through Grade 6.  This program includes Social Studies, Language, Art, Applied Math and Science through the use of living books and good literature.  FIAR offers everything parents need to make […]

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Come Sit By Me Reviews

Just want to get to the Come Sit By Me Reviews? Click here. Come Sit By Me is a Canadian literature-based, 36-week curriculum for younger children. It includes multiple subjects such as Science, Math, Geography, Canada, and Art.  If you add a complete Math curriculum and a Phonics program, you can round out the year

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Blossom and Root Reviews

Just want to get to the Blossom and Root Reviews? Click here. Blossom and Root is a secular homeschool curriculum based on nature study, language arts, literature, fine arts, and S.T.E.A.M.  The author was highly influenced by both the Charlotte Mason and Waldorf styles and those influences can be seen through-out. The early years gently

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Heart of Dakota Reviews

Just want to get to the Heart of Dakota Reviews? Click here. Heart of Dakota was written by Carrie Austen, a homeschool mom armed with a masters degree and a passion to see children reading good books and learning Godly character.  There are 13 levels of the program – running from pre-K through to grade

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Math-U-See Reviews

Just want to get to the Math-U-See Reviews?  Click here. Using a unique approach to math by focusing on mastery of concepts combined with workbooks and hands-on manipulatives, Math-U-See provides courses from preschool through to high school. This program uses a skills mastery approach, focusing on a single topic per level instead of focusing on multiple skills

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