Compass Classroom Reviews

Just want to get to the Compass Classroom Reviews? Click here. Compass Classroom is a collection of video lessons for Upper Elementary to Highschool. These videos were created to help parents teach their students the subjects that may be harder to teach than others.  Compass Classroom has looked for the best teachers to teach the […]

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History Revealed Reviews

Just want to get to the History Revealed Reviews? Click here. History Revealed is a unique approach to history through unit studies and storytelling.  This history curriculum follows a chronological path through three volumes, which you cycle through during your school years: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries World Empires, World Missions,

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DIVE Science Reviews

Just want to get to the DIVE Science Reviews? Click here. DIVE Science was created as an online, interactive option for homeschooling families.  Students complete their homework, reviews, and more online.  Activities are automatically graded and stored online.  Parents can ask to have grades reset or changed at any time.  Courses include Earth Science, Integrated

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The 101 Series Reviews

Just want to get to The 101 Series Reviews? Click here. The 101 Series is a video course for high schoolers that brings science to life through engaging visual presentations with a Christian perspective. Available as both DVD sets or an online course, current subjects include:  General Math Biology Chemistry Physics Although designed and intented

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A+ Interactive Math Reviews

Just want to get to the A+ Interactive Math Reviews? Click here. A+ Interactive Math offers a solution for parents who struggle with teaching math.  Students work at their pace with online learning to master math concepts. A+ Math can be used to help students improve in areas they struggle with or work ahead to

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Khan Academy Math Reviews

Just want to get to the Khan Academy Math Reviews? Click here. Khan Academy started out as a series of math videos from Sal Khan to tutor his cousin. From there, things have grown to create an entire platform of free education for all.  Khan Academy offers personalized learning for each student, whether homeschooled or

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Mr. D Math Reviews

Just want to get to the Mr. D Math Reviews? Click here. Mr. D Math combines the traditional teacher style of learning with the online world through a virtual classroom. Options for both live classes or self-paced programs are available.  Self-paced classes are scheduled for completion within 34 weeks, however you have access to the program

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UnLock Math Reviews

Just want to get to the UnLock Math Reviews? Click Here. Delivered by videos on an online platform, UnlockMath aims to make math easy to understand. Each lesson contains a teaching video, practice and review questions, a bonus challenge section, and printable reference notes.  The program is self-grading and include access to a parent dashboard.

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CTCMath Reviews

Just want to get to the CTCMath Reviews? Click Here. CTCMath is an online math program that features short teaching videos presented with visual examples of the topic being learned. Students then complete interactive questions or a printable worksheet with multiple choice answers to put back into the program. Grades are calculated based on a

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