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Campfire Curriculums Reviews

Just want to get to the Campfire Curriculums Reviews? Click here. Campfire Curriculums offers unit studies to do as a whole family – diving into topics such as careers. holidays, history, and even skills like gardening and emergency preparedness.  Using a Charlotte Mason and a hands-on approach, this program has no worksheets and encourages parents […]

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UnitStudy.com Reviews

Just want to get to the UnitStudy.com Reviews? Click here. UnitStudy.com offers a collection of unit studies for students of all ages. Topics covered includ everything from history to geography, science to holidays, sports, faith, and even creative arts.  Studies typically are planned to take between 1 – 4 weeks, although there are some programs

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Weaver Reviews

Just want to get to the Weaver Reviews? Click here. The Weaver Curriculum is a Pre-K through 12 curriculum that revolves around a Bible lesson instead of fitting a Bible lesson into the day’s work.  Lessons are unit study based where students across multiple ages are learning the same thing but with grade-appropriate assignments.  The

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KONOS Reviews

Just want to get to the KONOS Reviews? Click here. KONOS is a Christian unit-study based curriculum for grades K-8th.  KONOS has broken their system down into options that will cover every parent’s needs.  The teacher guide book with up to two-three years worth of curriculum where parents pull together resources for themselves. A bag

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Gather Round Reviews

Just want to get to the Gather Round Reviews? Click here. Gather Round Homeschool is a curriculum that aims to combine every subject you need (other than math) into one easy to follow program that you can use with your whole family together. Divided into units, one teacher book is used for all students with

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Five in a Row Reviews

Just want to get to theFive in a Row Reviews? Click here. Five In A Row (also called FIAR) is a literature-based curriculum for Pre-K through Grade 6.  This program includes Social Studies, Language, Art, Applied Math and Science through the use of living books and good literature.  FIAR offers everything parents need to make

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Come Sit By Me Reviews

Just want to get to the Come Sit By Me Reviews? Click here. Come Sit By Me is a Canadian literature-based, 36-week curriculum for younger children. It includes multiple subjects such as Science, Math, Geography, Canada, and Art.  If you add a complete Math curriculum and a Phonics program, you can round out the year

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History Revealed Reviews

Just want to get to the History Revealed Reviews? Click here. History Revealed is a unique approach to history through unit studies and storytelling.  This history curriculum follows a chronological path through three volumes, which you cycle through during your school years: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries World Empires, World Missions,

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Science Unlocked Reviews

Just want to get to the Science Unlocked Reviews? Click here. Science Unlocked is a complete all-in-one science curriculum for grades K-12 designed specifically with homeschoolers in mind.  The curriculum is broken into three levels.  Wonder Level is for grades K-2 and contains 5 hours of learning per subject.  Accelerate Level is for grades 3-7

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Guest Hollow Science Reviews

Just want to get to the Guest Hollow Reviews? Click here. INFORMATION HERE CURRICULUM FEATURES Online / Digital Schedule and Workbook Literature Based – Must Buy or Source Books Separately Variety of Activities / Demos / Projects Grades K – 12 A combination of Charlotte Mason / Unit Study Approaches Faith-Based COST: FREE TO $35

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