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Woke Homeschooling is a history curriculum that changes the lens of how we study American history. Typically history is told from the perspective of colonialism. Woke Homeschooling invites us to consider the experiences of African-American, Indigenous, and immigrant voices through stories and discussions, tackling difficult topics and questions. 

There are two levels. The first is for grades 3 – 7. This is an adaptable 40 week program covering pre-colonial times to the present. It involves read-aloud fiction stories, conversations, and journalling – offering space within the program to allow for deeper learning or rest as needed as you process challenging topics. This can be used with multiple levels of children at once.  You will need to buy or borrow books from the reading list.

Journal options include both a secular and a Christian option with prayer prompts. 

The high school version (for students in grades 8-12) comes in two parts. Part 1 covers American history’s beginnings through to 1877. Part 2 studies the time from 1870 to present. Both are full-year courses. Like the program for younger students, it focuses heavily on fiction novels and stories to help bring different perspectives and topics to mind. Journalling is also a key part of the experience.

The whole program is based around this African Proverb: “Until the story of the hunt is told by the lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” It aims to change the storyteller so that we can learn something new. 


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